Tapestry Speed Test

This page can test how fast your connection to the Tapestry servers is and report any connection errors as best as it can.

It connects in the same way as the iOS, Android and Fire apps so you can use it to try and diagnose connection problems with the apps by using this page on your tablet or phone.

Interpreting the results

The results of this test are likely to vary from generic internet connection speed tests:

In all cases it will vary by the number of people online at any given moment on your local WiFi, using your internet provider, using the internet in general and using our servers. It is therefore worth running the test at times of day when you would typically use Tapestry.

If you are getting errors:

If your connection is too slow, then the first step is to figure out where the bottleneck is:

Advanced settings

Please only adjust these values if we ask you to.